"I Guess I Just

Wasn't Thinking"

A Four-Part Series

By W.K. “Jake” Wehrell

You will NEVER have read a book like this! I GUESS I JUST WASN’T THINKING is a riveting, action-packed (though personally and embarrassingly gender-centric) four-part saga, written as if it were a first-person memoir. You will be at Roger Yahnke’s side in five continents while he struggles to accomplish (or even survive) a diverse assortment of challenges; from Bangkok to Madrid, in the jungle and in the desert; in the cockpit and in the bedroom. While primarily aviation-oriented, you’ll have your fill of questionable exploits on terra firma. Above all it is a compelling tale of one man’s battle with a personal shortcoming; an honest and revealing account of his uniquely driven life. His head-shaking array of adult activities include a proud beginning as a Marine Corps carrier-based pilot, being hired by the CIA, flying covert missions for foreign entities, as well as other improvident deeds;  resulting in him appearing in TV documentaries, having his photo in weekly newsmagazines, and residences worldwide; including everything from a bougainvillea-draped cottage on the French Riviera to a bamboo cage in Laos.

All this transpires in the midst of frequent (and always fruitless) feminine involvements. Every contemplated activity—besides its actual merit, is heavily weighted as to its likelihood of being graced by a responsive female partner. The tale then cannot avoid the resultant plight—the skewed perceptions, flawed decisions and zealous undertakings it evokes. Roger’s life is consumed by the search for that one woman with the right chemistry to unlock his manhood!

A Few Words From the Author

Jake Wehrell - Head Shot at CIA

The impact of the series is not so much in the action, intriguing venues or colorful characters, as in its keel beam: the torment  of an unremitting curse.  The Series is a frank and intimate narrative of this condition’s all-embracing mastery of its host; the crushing embarrassment when once again seeing the perplexed disillusionment of yet another ready female. To the dismissal of all else he remains hopelessly fettered to the quest to find that one woman.
Wives who have blamed themselves for a failed union may be comforted by this surprising explanation of their husband’s apparent womanizing!

This work is dedicated to my (numinously conceived) four savvy kids,

who in spite of my flagrant and prolonged absences

have grown up to be accomplished professionals,

loving parents, and unremittingly supportive of each other.

I would say, all thanks to their great mother.

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