I Guess I Just Wasn't Thinking!

A Four-Part Series

By W.K. “Jake” Wehrell


You will NEVER have read a book like this!  I GUESS I JUST WASN’T THINKING is a compelling tale of one man’s battle with a personal shortcoming; an honest and revealing account of a uniquely driven life. Roger Yahnke’s head-shaking array of adult activities include a proud beginning as a Marine Corps carrier-based pilot, being hired by the CIA, and later flying covert missions for shadowy figures and foreign governments. These often ill-advised activities result in him appearing in TV documentaries, weekly news magazines, and residences worldwide; including everything from a bougainvillea-draped cottage on the French Riviera to a bamboo cage in Laos. 

It is a riveting, intimate, feminine-centric (and personally embarrassing) first-person memoir. It will be hard not to be rooting for a very average young adult male as he stumbles his way through increasingly critical (but deserved) predicaments; from Bangkok to Madrid, in the jungle and in the desert, in the cockpit and in the bedroom. 

Wives and girlfriends will find themselves inextricably involved; now fretful knowing the aftermath of one man’s thwarted intimacies.

Becoming part of this two-decade soulful tale you will quickly and unavoidably find yourself a reluctant arbiter—unable not to levy judgment on Roger’s continuing pattern of questionable behavior; perhaps morally bound to condemn him, in spite of his heartfelt efforts to bond with you and justify his actions. 

 At the end of Part Four, the long-awaited, startling consummation occurs – a stunning disclosure that will cauterize your journey with Roger, and leave you in solemn personal reflection. 

Standby for a uniquely adven-turous, heart-wrenching tale of one man’s peerless journey; a journey reigned by his tragic belief that—with no idea what it may be, another better and more exciting, deserved life, somehow, somewhere, awaits him. This mindset decrees repeated, outlandish and increasingly troublesome quixotic endeavors.

A Few Words From the Author

And worse: He lives a life viewed through the prism of a humiliating male curse: Even with the most voluptuous and eager partner, for Roger every (pleading to the gods) attempt fails to proceed. He is thus enslaved by a desperate quest to find that one woman who will unlock his manhood. But with his skewed perceptions and resulting flawed decisions, will he survive the overly zealous undertakings this quest incites?

This work is dedicated to my (anomalously conceived) savvy kids,

who in spite of my flagrant and prolonged absences

have grown up to be accomplished professionals,

loving parents, and unremittingly supportive of each other.

I would say, all thanks to their great mother.

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